Street Cleaning Parking Regulations

North Plainfield Police Department
Chief William Parenti
Press Release
October 24, 2014
Street Cleaning Parking Regulations

Mayor Michael Giordano, Business Administrator David Hollod and Chief William Parenti announce that the Street Cleaning parking ordinance is about to go into effect. New parking restriction signs have been installed will be unveiled on October 29, 2014. Chief Parenti stated that after the signs are uncovered, the Police Department will begin an education period for about two weeks followed by strict enforcement.

The Borough Council developed the ordinance #13-02 to amend section 7-3.5, after listening to several residents complain that cars parked on the street were interfering with the efficiency of the street sweeper and or snow plows, Mayor Giordano stated. Business Administrator Hollod said the regulations were designed with two important goals. First, to minimize inconvenience to the public and second to permit the street sweeper and snow plows unobstructed access to clear the roads for our residents. The Ordinance provides for no more than one period of parking prohibition on each side of the street during the week and will not affect all streets in the Borough. The fine for the violation is $27.00.

William G. Parenti
Chief of Police
An Accredited Police Agency
North Plainfield Police Dept.

Meet The Candidates 2014

November 13 NPCCR Meeting

The speaker at the Thursday, November 13 meeting of the North Plainfield Citizens for Community Rights (NPCCR) will be from the N.J. Dept. of the Treasury, Division of Taxation. The subject will be the “Senior Tax Freeze,”

If you or someone you know is age 65 or over and is a property owner, you may be eligible for the Senior Tax Freeze. The representative from the N.J. Dept. of Treasury will give you all of the information you need concerning your eligibility and the application procedure. Bring your questions.

If you have friends from other municipalities, they are welcome to attend this meeting as this is a state wide program. We meet at the North Plainfield Community Center at 614 Greenbrook Rd. at Clinton Ave. 7:00 PM.

NPCCR Founders

North Plainfield Borough Council Meeting – September 22, 2014 (video)

North Plainfield Borough Council Meeting – September 8, 2014 (video)

October Meeting – Meet the Candidates

The October 2 meeting of the North Plainfield Citizens for Community Rights (NPCCR) is our annual “Meet the Candidates Night.”    All eight (8) candidates running for the four (4) North Plainfield Council seats that will be on the November 4th ballot have been invited to the October 2 NPCCR meeting at 614 Greenbrook Road at Clinton Avenue at 7:00 pm.

All candidates have been given a copy of the “Meet the Candidates Format” that will be used so that they will come prepared.  There will be a Q&A session for the public.  All are welcome

NPCCR Founders

North Plainfield Borough Council Meeting – August 11, 2014 (video)