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North Plainfield Police Department

 Press Release – June 18, 2019

Chief William G. Parenti has announced that Wednesday June 19th is a day for congratulations, to all our students who have persevered through over 9 weeks of Drug Abuse Resistance Education “DARE” training.  North Plainfield’s 5th grade students were recognized for their hard work with a graduation ceremony at the Somerset School multipurpose room.  To mark this great day Chief William Parenti delivered the keynote speech and was assisted by Mayor Mike Giordano, Jr.  and Superintendent of schools Michelle Vela in handing each child their graduation gifts.  This is a great achievement, and one that law enforcement and community leaders recognize across the country. The police department is very proud of the student graduates as these students have undergone training that has tested their mental attitude and their ability to think for themselves. 

William G. Parenti
Chief of Police

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North Plainfield Police Dept.
263 Somerset Street
North Plainfield, N.J. 07060
(908) 769-2920

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North Plainfield Elementary Students Donate To Police Unity Tour

As police officers around the nation, many from local departments, look to participate in this year’s Police Unity Tour, students in North Plainfield want their local officers to know that they support their efforts and wish them a safe trip to Washington D.C.

The purpose of the Police Unity Tour is to raise awareness of law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty and to raise funds for the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial and Museum. Several North Plainfield officers recently set off on a three day bike ride, covering over 300 miles to join their fellow officers in our nation’s capital.

For the last week, students in East End School, Stony Brook School, and West End School held a fund raiser to assist the officers with various travel expenses. Each participating police officer in the tour sacrifice their own money to pay entrance fees, riding clothing, and their own bicycles.

Students raised over two hundred dollars, often forgoing buying snacks at lunchtime, to help their local heroes.

“On behalf of the entire police department, we want to extend a sincere thank you to the students and school community for supporting us in this worthwhile program”, announced North Plainfield Chief of Police William Parenti.  “My officers and I really appreciate the efforts of the students and I want to thank them personally for thinking about us.”

Since the implementation of the Operation Safe School Partnership in May 2018, police officers regularly visit each school on a daily basis and positively interact with the students. Superintendent of Schools Michelle Vella praised the initiative for developing positive relationships between the police and the students. “During my visits to the schools, I am delighted to see the officers engaged with the students, taking the time to speak with them and answer all their questions.”

John Ferguson, principal at East End School was not surprised by the student’s charitable efforts. “Through these daily visits, our students have come to know the officers and understand the important lesson that the police are always there to help them. This is their way to say “Thank You!”