Villa Maria Timeline

According to “North Plainfield,” a photographic history book available at the library, written by Mario Caruso, Bruce Ryno and Joann Kohler, the Villa Maria complex was built by Justice H. Cooley as the Brookside Sanitarium, in 1876. “For several years, it served as the Arthur Pitney Home for aged and invalid,” according to the caption on the photograph from page 91, reproduced above. Most of the following information was culled from the NP GOP site archives of Courier-News and Star-Ledger coverage, and the Courier-News archives.

Information formerly located here is now at the “Fact Sheets” page, above, under “Villa Maria – Fact Sheet.”

4 responses to “Villa Maria Timeline

  1. Youtubable?

  2. As a North Plainfield resident that lives across the street from the Villa Maria grounds, I have no problem with an “age restricted” condominium being built.

    The only problem I forsee would be traffic/parking, but that is already a problem that North Plainfield has never properly addressed, in my opinion.

    By allowing a Green Brook resident to decide what is better for our town is ridiculous to say the least. None of the residents on Somerset St. have been contacted as to what we think about the Villa Maria property, nor where we contacted when the parking situation on Somerset St. was changed. WE LIVE HERE not BILL CAMPBELL….. Tell him to clean up his property, which by the way is in a deplorable state compared to the rest of Interhaven properties.

    Thank you.

  3. My family and I have only lived in this area for nine months and daily my daughter and I take walks and stop and look at the property. The Villa Maria has a ‘romantic’ setting to it; not to mention how many deer love to graze on the property.

    I believe it would be a very sad day when developers come in and destroy such beauty with condos. We have enough houses; condos; townhouses and the like throughout NJ; why spoil this land with more building? Why not find some other way to use the property and the buildings that are already there?

    Just my thoughts! Thanks for letting me share.


  4. Glen Bencivengo

    It is very sad to see the building at the Villa destroyed. There are indeed beautiful tress there. I should know.. My father was the groundskeeper for 40 years and we lived on the property ( 450 Grove Street). I grew up there and my family knew all the nuns. I worked with my father during the summers I was in college. We played in the field behind our house and were free to walk the grounds. We had a large garden next to our house. Now the buildings are mostly destroyed–buildings I worked in. Times certainly do change but I hope at least some of the trees and property can be saved

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