Villa Maria – Tax Delinquency

This document, from the NJ State Business Gateway Service, shows that the last year the nuns of Villa Maria filed proper paperwork claiming to be a non-profit entity was 2002.

Villa Maria Tax Status

So, a case could be made for placing a lien on the property for five years of tax delinquency, estimated as follows (assuming that, like the rest of local properties, Villa Maria has not been reassessed in recent years and the land and improvements have been assessed at $6,119,500 for all five years):

2003 – Tax rate 3.920. Assessed property value: $6,119,500. Tax: $239,884.40

2004 – Tax rate 4.30. Assessed property value: $6,119,500. Tax: $263,138.50

2005 – Tax rate 4.820. Assessed property value: $6,119,500. Tax: $294,959.90

2006 – Tax rate 5.170. Assessed property value: $6,119,500. Tax: $316,378.15

2007 – Tax rate 5.520. Assessed property value: $6,119,500. Tax: $337,796.40

For a GRAND TOTAL of: $1,452,157.40

Update 1/30/08 – The Borough went after the nuns for about $330,000 – just the property taxes for 2007, and the nuns’ attorney appealed. See post from December 14, 2007.

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