North Plainfield Authorities, Boards, Commissions and Committees

2008 Membership and Meeting Schedules below.

Missions, duties and responsibilities are at the Borough Code website, North Plainfield Revised General Ordinances (N.P.R.G.O.)

Board of Adjustment (Zoning) – Mark C. Tighe (Chair); Michael P. Castro; Basil D’Armiento; Jack Fowler (Vice-Chair); Alejandro Kuga; Gary Lewis; Alfred Zarnowski; John C. Langenbach (alternate # 1); Vacancy (alternate #2).

Meetings – First and third Wednesdays, 7:30, at Vermeule Community Center.

Purpose: NPRGO 22-89.1

Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners: Raymond T. Dodd (Chair); Thomas Allen; Kimberly Carter; Angelo Costello; Evan B. Dickerson (Vice-Chair); Paolo Lorenzi; Dane Merchant; Everett Merrill; Douglas Spontak; James C. Thomas; Vacancy.

Paid Staff: Recreation Director – Christopher Tarver, (appointed February 18, 2008; Recreation Coordinator – Steven Novak; Director – Summer Playgrounds – Robin Stayvas.

Meetings: Third Tuesday of each month, except August, 8 p.m., Vermeule Recreation Room.

Purpose: NPRGO 2-6.5.

Economic Development Committee: Florence A. Mannion (Chair); Kenneth Dupuis; Tom Fagan; Leonard W. Lange; Lawrence LaRonde; Sandy R. Marrow; Frank A. Stabile (Vice-Chair); Joseph F. Tevlin; Councilman Douglas M. Singleterry.

Meetings: Second Thursday of every month, 7:30 p.m., Vermeule Community Center 

Purpose: NPRGO 2-6.9

Environmental Commission: Dr. Harry Allen (Chair); Michael J. Bellew; Mabel “Skip” Hansen; Jean Liss; Mathy Stanislaus; Vacancy

Meetings: Fourth Wednesday of every month except November and December, third Wednesday in November and December, 7:30 p.m., Vermeule.

Purpose: NJSA 40:56A-1; NPRGO 2-6.6

Green Brook Flood Control Commission: Councilman Frank Righetti; Francis McCardle; William F. Crosby III (alternate)

Meetings: First Wednesday of every month, 7:30 p.m., various locations.

Purpose: NPRGO 2-25.8

Historic Preservation Commission: CB Bowman (Chair); Robert Hitchcock (Vice-Chair); Thomas Martynowski; Joan McDaniel; Mark Sharp; Laly Espinoza Kuga (Alternate); Dr. Patricia Pontevien-LeBlanc (Alternate). Attorney for Commission is Deborah J. Bracaglia, Esq., of Bernstein & Associates. Recording Secretery position is vacant.

Meetings: Tuesdays in 2008: Jan. 15, Feb. 5, Mar. 4, April 1, May 6, June 3, July 1, Aug. 5, Sept. 9, Oct. 7, Nov. 4, Dec. 2, at 7 p.m., at the Vermeule Mansion.

Purpose: NPRGO 22-122.5

Library Advisory Committee: Mayor Janice Allen; Superintendent of Schools Marilyn Birnbaum; Councilwoman Mary Forbes; Florence A. Mannion (Chair); Betty Berzin; Michael P. Castro (Vice-Chair); Constance Hitchcock; Barbara Kreder; Patricia Stabile.

Meetings: Third Tuesdays (Jan. 15, Mar. 18, June 17, Sept. 16, Nov. 18) at 7:15 p.m. at the Conference Room in the NP Memorial Library.

Purpose: NPRGO 2-6.12

Municipal Alliance Committee: Mayor Janice Allen; Chief of Police William G. Parenti; Douglas M. Singleterry (representing Board of Health); Superintendent of Schools Marilyn Birnbaum; Municipal Court Judge Raymond P. DeMarco, Esq.; Eric Fowler (representing Youth Services Commission); Robert A. Mattera (Youth Services Commission alternate); Alejandro Kuga (representing business community); Torian J. Baker (business community alternate); Heather Clowers (representative of labor); Ruth DeBang (public); Alissa Giordano (public); Michele Ixim (public); John C. Langenbach (public); Laurence Van Winkle (public); Melissa Vonderheide (public alternate); Rev. Kenneth Gorman (representing religious community). Vacancy (religious community alternate).

Meetings: Fourth Tuesday of every month, except July, and except third Tuesday of December, 7 p.m. Crime Prevention Office, 93 Greenbrook Road.

Purpose: NJSA 26:2BB-9, NPRGO 2-6.14

Municipal Wastewater Management Plan Committee: Mayor Janice Allen; Municipal Engineer Daniel Swayze; Planning Board Member David Hollod; Utility Authority Representative James P. Freeman (Chair)

Meetings: As called.

Purpose: Somerset County Initiative “to review and provide feedback on the required elements of the draft Somerset County Wastewater Management Plan.”

Office of Emergency Management/Local Emergency Planning Council: Brian Martin (Coordinator); Norman Jenkins (Deputy Coordinator); Police Chief William Parenti; Fire Chief William Eaton; Borough Administrator David Hollod (Mayor’s Representative); Robert Hitchcock (Council Member); Municipal Attorney Eric Bernstein; Marilyn Birnbaum (Schools Superintendent); Edward J. Ostroff (Director of Operations for NP School District);  Santiago Soto (citizen at-large); Jack Zeller (citizen at-large); David DeRosa (health department representative); Joann Righetti (Health Department representative); John C. Langenbach (media representative?); James Rodino (Public Works representative); Tina Totten; Dr. Harry Allen (hazardous materials representative); Dodie Sherwood (secretary).

Meetings: Wednesdays, 4 p.m., Vermeule Community Center, as follows: Feb. 20, May 14, Sept. 17, Nov. 5.

Purpose: Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA), Title III (Hazardous Materials)

Parking Authority: Douglas Krisburg (Chair); Edith Giordano; Leonard W. Lange; Nathan A. Rudy; Frank A. Stabile (Vice-Chair); Frank Righetti (Council Liaison); Brett M. Reina, Esq. (Attorney)

Parking Enforcement Officers: Dana S. Biggs; Aisha Nazir; Nigel C. Reid. Auditor: Robert Butvilla.

Meetings: Last Wednesday of every month, except July, August and December, at 7:30 p.m. at Vermeule Community Center. [No meetings were held during 2007].

Purpose: NJSA 40:11A-4, NPRGO 2-26.2

Plainfield Area Regional Sewerage Authority: James P. Freeman (North Plainfield representative); William F. Crosby III (alternate).

Meetings: First Thursday of every month, 6:30 p.m., 200 Clay Avenue, Middlesex

Purpose: NJ Sewerage Authorities Law, Ordinance No. 95-04

Planning Board: Mayor Janice Allen; Borough Administrator David Hollod; Councilman Frank Righetti; Tom Fagan (Chair); Maureen Coxwell; Frank L. Kreder (Vice-Chair); Andre Mitchell; Frank A. Stabile; Barbara Kreder; David W. Branan (alternate); Joseph Tevlin (alternate).

Planning Board Staff: Attorney Brian D. Schwartz, Secretary Dawn Gaebel, Assistant Secretary Maryann Thorpey.

Meetings: Second and fourth Wednesday of every month, at 7:30 p.m. at Vermeule Community Center. 

Purpose: NPRGO 22-27.2

Property Maintenance Committee: Janet A. Dalley (Chair); David J. Lepak; Barbara Miller; one vacancy among Mayoral appointees (unexpired term of Vincent Talmo); Councilman Michael Giordano (Council appointee); John C. Langenbach (Board of Adjustment appointee); Frank Righetti (Planning Board appointee).

Property Maintenance Official: James F. Rodino

Meetings: First Monday of every month, 7 p.m., at Vermeule Community Center, except first Tuesday in September, as follows: Feb. 4, March 2, April 7, May 5, June 2, Sept. 2, Oct. 6, Nov. 3. 

Purpose: NPRGO 2-16.1c2

Rent Stabilization Board: Leonard W. Lange (Chair, landlord); Dori N. Ellis (tenant); Allan B. Igo (homeowner); Robin Stabile (tenant); Bart Thomas (landlord); Mary Ann Climes (homeowner); Fred Tupkielewicz (tenant); two vacancies (both alternates); Jenny Flynn (Council liaison).

Meetings: As needed.

Purpose: NPRGO 2-6.7

Senior Citizen/Community Center Committee: Janet L. Apgar (Chair); Mabel “Skip” Hansen (general public); Rose McConnell (general public); Robert Hitchcock (Council member); Angela Magee (Senior Citizens Club representative); Vacancy (Parks & Recreation Commission representative); Dori N. Ellis (Girl Scouts representative)

Community Center Staff: Joan Long (Coordinator); Ed Apgar (Custodian).

Meetings: 6:45 p.m. at Vermeule Community Center, Jan. 28, Mar. 18, May 19, Sept. 15, Nov. 17.

Purpose: Resolution No. 04-22-96-04: “The Committee will work with Coordinator Joan Long to establish policies and procedures and will evaluate and approve/disapprove each application for use. It will establish its own meeting schedule and meeting will include Joan Long, Ed Apgar and a representative of the Public Works Department (James Rodino).

Sewer Usage Board of Appeals: Borough Administrator David Hollod; Councilwoman Jenny Flynn; Tom Fagan.

Meetings: As needed.

Purpose: NPRGO 13-4.5

Shade Tree Advisory Board: Thalia Saloukas (Chair); Richard Benson; Frank N. D’Amore, Sr.; William E. Rathjen III; Bart Thomas; Robert Hitchcock (Council liaison).

Meetings: Second Monday of ever month, 5 p.m., Vermeule Community Center.

Purpose: NPRGO 2-28.2

Special Events Advisory Committee: Janeann M. Dickerson; Mabel “Skip” Hansen; Everett Merrill; James P. Freeman; Marie Kushnir; Fred Tupkielewicz; Alissa Giordano; Joseph Irovando; Frank “Skip” Stabile; Michael Giordano (Council liaison); Tina Totten (Mayor’s liaison).

Meetings: As needed.

Purpose: NPRGO 2-29.2

Youth Services Commission: Mayor Janice Allen; Superintendent of Schools Marilyn Birnbaum; Police Chief William Parenti; Juvenile Officer Michael Innella; Councilman Douglas Singleterry; Thomas Allen and Edwin Estevez Jr. (School Board representatives appointed by School Board); Alejandro Kuga (Chair); Brenda Allen; Ruth DeBang; Eric Fowler; Michelle Ixim; Naomi Tate; Melissa Vonderheide; Mario Vargas; Joan L. Graham (school community representative, appointed by Mayor); Vacancy (school community representative, appointed by Mayor).

Meetings: Fourth Tuesday of every month, except July, and third Tuesday in December, at 7 p.m., in the Crime Prevention Office, 93 Greenbrook Road.

Purpose: NPRGO 2-6.13 


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