Document Library

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Municipal Budgets:

2007 Budget – Part I

2007 Budget – Part II

Check Register – First Quarter – 2007

Check Register – 2007 – 2Q

Check Register – 2007 – 3Q

Check Register – 2007 – 4Q

2007 Debt Statement

2008 Proposed Budget – Part 1

2008 Proposed Budget – Part 2

Temporary Budgets – 2008


Property Revaluation (2008):

4.7.08 Appraisal Writeup

Borough Employee Salaries:

2006 NP Salaries

Borough Employee Job Descriptions:

NP Job Descriptions


Dauti Contract for Borough Hall

J&J Contractors Lawsuit

Dauti Bid Excerpt

Dauti Performance Bond

Dauti Payment Bond


School Budget (2008-2009)

School Budget – Part 1

English as a Second Language:

Mike Castro\’s ESL Proposal

Afterschool Activities



1974 Master Plan – Section 1

1974 Master Plan – Section 2

1974 Master Plan – Section 3

1974 Master Plan – Section 4

1974 Master Plan – Section 5

1975 Master Plan Revisions

1982 Master Plan Subcommittee Report

1988 Master Plan Revisions

1996 Master Plan – Part 1

1996 Master Plan – Part 2

1996 Master Plan – Part 3

1996 Master Plan – Part 4

1996 Master Plan – Part 5

1996 Master Plan – Part 6

1996 Master Plan – Part 7

2002 Master Plan

Business Improvement District (2004):


All Villa Maria documents are at the Villa Maria Page


Property Maintenance Code – Translated

July 2007 DPW Report

Council Resolution on Property Maintenance – June 9 2008


Democratic Campaign Literature

2000 Campaign Contributions

Democrat Campaign Flier 2000 – 1

Democrat Campaign Flier 2000 – 2

Democrat Campaign Flier 2000 – 3

Campaign Letter – October 2002

Democrat Campaign Flier 2004

Mayor\’s Tax Letter – August 2004

Democrat Campaign Flier 2006 – 1

Democrat Campaign Flier 2006 – 2

State of the Borough Address (Mayor Janice Allen)

State of the Borough – Jan. 2008

Republican Club By-Laws

Republican Club By-Laws – 2005


Library – Mold Study

Library – Hecht Letter

Library – Construction Contract Letter


Elizabeth Beebe Letter

Florence Ward Letter

Letter – David Lepak

Lawrence LaRonde Letter

One response to “Document Library

  1. Update on Mike Castro’s ESL tutoring:

    In the last few weeks, “three more ESL/former ESL students have gotten college acceptances; one of these students is working on a sixth independent reading book since January; a fourth student is working on a second book within the past few weeks; and a fifth student has recently read two more books in a series, and is ready to go on to the next two. Also, I’m continuing to keep busy tutoring in math and other subjects.”

    Mike did get evicted, and will be moving to stay with family in PA for the summer, hoping to line up a full-time, living wage job in or around North Plainfield for the fall so he can move back here. He’s looking for places to store a few boxes of stuff so he won’t have to pay storage fees, so if you’ve got room for a box or two in your attic or basement, drop a line here and I’ll let him know.

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