Fact Sheets (w/NPCCR By-Laws, NP Sunshine Law Petition)

Individual fact sheets on North Plainfield issues (downloadable Word documents), with facts gathered to date, contact information for key players, information sought but not yet known, questions raised by the data, suggested OPRA requests, etc.

Much of the information was previously posted under “Threads” and “True or False” pages.


North Plainfield Sunshine Law Petition

Borough Hall Renovations – Fact Sheet – 9.3.08

Library Renovations – Fact Sheet – 9.3.08

Master Plan Fact Sheet – 9.9.08

Villa Maria – Fact Sheet – 9.22.08

Flooding – Fact Sheet – 9.24.08

Community Gardening – Fact Sheet – 9.15.08

Municipal Open Space Tax – Fact Sheet – 9.16.08

Republican Candidate Selection – Fact Sheet – 9.17.08

Democratic Primary Candidate Selection – Fact Sheet – 9.16.08

Update Nov. 11, 2008 – Readers interested in preparing other fact sheets are encouraged to contact the former blog editor, Katherine Watt [katherine_watt@hotmail.com] for assistance. (I have the bare bones of some other fact sheets to kick off other peoples’ efforts, but will not be doing anything with them myself. -KW)

10 responses to “Fact Sheets (w/NPCCR By-Laws, NP Sunshine Law Petition)

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  9. Why not ask Larry LaRonde how he got selected? He is the “unknown” candidate running for the 2 year seat against Tom Mullen. I know this cause I saw him going door to door to campaign.

    Since he is a regular at NPCCR meetings, he may be kind enough to fill you in.

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