North Plainfield Property Maintenance Violations

The following slide show contains pictures of North Plainfield properties with obvious outstanding property maintanence violations. All pictures were taken by North Plainfield residents from the public right of way. Pictures and explanations of violations were submitted to the North Plainfield Property Maintenance/Zoning Department on Monday May 17, 2011. The mayor and council were also copied these reports on May 17.

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11 responses to “North Plainfield Property Maintenance Violations

  1. Morgan shevett

    The first person who should have their property gone over witha fine tooth comb is the creep who took all of these photos. Sneaking around, taking shots from their car. Get a life. Sure there are some issues there that need to be dealt with but the majority of the stuff in those photos are minor and would seem to only upset some nit-picking busy body who has way too much time on their hands and a venal need to tell other people what to do. Also, many of those photos were taken over fences and the like and constitute a violation of the owners “reasonable expectation of privacy”.

  2. Morgan shevett

    Sorry if the above post seemed mean spirited but the whole idea of someone cowardly creeping by in their car taking pictures over someones fence gives me the willies. Makes one think of the Stasi.

  3. seems like a bunch of those just had some recycling bins visible. is that really a major issue?

  4. I’d rather see some steps taken to have the State D.O.T. maintain the grass along route 22. The job they do is a disgrace! No one in their right mind would accept it …….really slipshod work. I’d like to be proud of my community. There’s NO EXCUSE……do it, do it right, and do it well.
    S. Palermo 8-12-11

  5. My brother recommended I would possibly like this blog. He used to be totally right. This post truly made my day. You cann’t consider just how so much time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

  6. These people are motivated by hate and prejudice. Most of the “violations” are minor and could be resolved if they contact the actual home owners. However these cowards prefer to sneak into private property and post such pictures on-line. I will keep an eye on these creeps and will call the cops if I see one of them with a camera invading private property. I wander if they have the courage to come out of their hiding and confront members of the community.

  7. I cannot believe that you actually bothered with this window. These people pay for their house it is theirs not the state. Enough all ready what are you bored im horrified. Stop the chaios!!!!!!!

  8. I totally agree with Morgan Shevitt and finally had someone else besides me communicate this idea!

  9. in this economy people are lucky to be able to cover mortgage and high taxes on lower property values. maybe we see if people need help with cutting shrubs or mending fences instead of taking pictures to try and embarrass or fine when citizens of your community are struggling to keep their heads above water.

  10. I agree with Morgan, Michele and Gerard, we are part of a community and a little sympathy for others could help improve the rocky relationship between the NPCCR and the other citizens members of NP. Lots of people already see the members of this organization as a harassers and a bunch of coward bullies who cover their faces in order to promote fear in the community. Be proactive, encourage diversity, make friends by TALKING to them. I quote the words of the president of the NPCCR during the opening of their meeting: ” The NPCCR reaches and serves the community by using EDUCATION”. I really hope they listen to their own words and use education to approach others.

  11. Chris If you are worried about your property value, Why not volenteer to help fix what violates one so? Oh but that would require real time, money and hard labor maybe injury fixing a roof. So Don’t complain until you are carrying yours and your neighbors shoes. Pointing fingers requires seeing the three pointing back at you. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones otherwise people will photograph your broken windows.

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