Who’s Who?


More detail about purpose, meeting dates and times, etc. is here.

Mayor – Michael Giordano

Borough Administrator – David Hollod

Borough Attorney – Eric Bernstein

(Most of the power in the Borough is in the hands of those three individuals.)

Borough Council – Larry LaRonde (President), Frank Stabile, Everett Merrill, Frank Righetti, Douglas Singleterry, Keiona Miller, Wendy Schafer,

Board of Education: Linda Bond-Nelson (Board Pres.), David W. Branan (Board Vice-Pres.), Bianka Butler, Thomas N. Kasper, Sandra Dodd, Kathleen Mullen, John Fellin, Jr.

Planning Board: Michael Giordano, Jr. (Mayor); David E. Hollod (Borough Administrator); Frank Righetti (Council Member); Tom Fagan; Joseph F. Tevlin; Barbara Kreder; Frank L. Kreder; Andre Mitchell; Patrick J. Ciarlariello; David W. Branan (Alternate #1); Mary ‘Liz’ Appezatto  (Alternate #2); Brian Schwartz, Esq. (Attorney); Dawn Gaebel (Secretary); Maryann Thorpey (Assistant Secretary) – Meetings are held as indicated on the 2015 Meetings Notice.

Board of Adjustment:  Mark C. Tighe (Chair); Basil D’ Armiento; Jack Fowler (Vice-Chair); Alejandro Kuga; John C. Langenbach; Gary Lewis; Alfred Zarnowski; Vacancy (Alternate # 1); Laurence Van Winkle(Alternate #2) ; Brian Schwartz (Attorney); Dawn Gaebel (Secretary); Maryann Thorpey (Assistant Secretary)  – Meetings held on the first and third Wednesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at the North Plainfield Community Center, 614 Greenbrook Road, North Plainfield

Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners: Evan B. Dickerson (Chair); Thomas Allen; Elizabeth Brumbaugh; Kimberly Carter; Angelo Costello (Vice-Chair); Tammy Guevara; Derek Haley; Joanne Pierre (Secretary); Dane Merchant; Mark C. Tighe; Douglas Spontak  –  Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month except August, at 7:00 p.m in the Vermuele Recreation Room, 614 Greenbrook Road, North Plainfield

Christopher A. Tarver (Recreation Director); Dennis Passe (Recreation Coordinator); Edward Apgar (Custodian-Vermeule)

Economic Development Committee:  Frank A. Stabile; Janice Allen; Anne Soto; Tom Fagan; Leonard W. Lange (Treasurer); Paul Alirangues; Sandy R. Marrow (Secretary); Vacant; Joseph F. Tevlin; – Meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month at 7:30 p.m. in the Community Center multi-purpose room, 614 Greenbrook Road, North Plainfield

Environmental Commission: Dr. Harry L. Allen (Chair); Michael J. Bellew; Mabel “Skip” Hansen (Secretary); Jean Liss; Henry R. Stoner; Frank Righetti (Planning Board Member) – Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of every month except on the third Wednesday in November & December at 7:30 p.m. at the North Plainfield Community Center, 614 Greenbrook Road, North Plainfield

Green Brook Flood Control Commission:  Frank Righetti (Council Member); Francis McCardle; William F. Crosby III (alternate) – Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at various locations.

Historic Preservation Commission:  Robert E. Hitchcock (Chair); CB Bowman; Laly Espinoza Kuga; Mark Sharp (Vice-chair); David Danois; Curt Climes(Alternate);  Scott Lamperti (Alternate); Attorney for Commission is Deborah J. Bracaglia, Esq., of Bernstein & Associates; Stephanie Sherwood (Recording Secretary) – Meetings held on Tuesdays as indicated at 7:00 p.m. at the Vermuele Mansion, 614 Greenbrook Road, North Plainfield

Library Advisory Committee:  Michael Giordano, Jr. (Mayor); Janice Allen (Mayor’s designee); Dr. Marilyn E. Birnbaum (Superintendent of Schools); Mary H. Forbes (Council Member); Florence A. Mannion (Chair); Allan Igo, Jr. (Secretary); Elizabeth Havrilla; Ruth deBang; Barbara Kreder; Patricia Stabile (Vice-Chair) – Meetings are held on the third Tuesdays, as indicated below, at 7 p.m.  Jan. 18, March 15, June 21, Sept. 20, Nov. 15 (2011 dates)

Municipal Alliance Committee:  Mayor Michael Giordano, Jr. (Mayor); William G. Parenti (Chief of Police); Douglas M. Singleterry (Board of Health Member); Marilyn Birnbaum (Superintendent of Schools); Judge Raymond P. DeMarco, Esq. (Municipal Court Judge); Eric Fowler (representing Youth Services Commission); Ann Caruso (Youth Services Commission alternate); Alejandro Kuga (representing business community); Vacancy (alternate); Heather Clowers (representative of labor); Ruth DeBang (public; secretary); Keiona R. Miller (public); Peg Merrill (public); Chinyera Johnson (public); Vacancy; Michele Wallace-Ixin; Melissa Vonderheide (public alternate); Vacancy (public); Rev. KeShannon R. Vance-Ocampo (representing religious community). Vacancy (religious community alternate) – Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of every month, except July, and on the 3rd Tuesday in Decemeber at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Center, 614 Greenbrook Road, North Plainfield

Municipal Wastewater Management Plan Committee:  Michael Giordano, Jr. (Mayor); Angelo Bufaino, P.E. (Consultant Engineer)-Hatch Mott MaDonald; David Hollod (Planning Board Member); James P. Freeman (Utility Authority Representative)  – Meetings as called.

Office of Emergency Management/Local Emergency Planning Council: Brian Martin (Coordinator); Laurence Van Winkle (Deputy Coordinator); Police Chief William Parenti (Police Department); Fire Chief William F. Eaton (Fire Department); Chief William F. Eaton (Emergency Medical Services);  Local Emergency Planning Council:  Borough Administrator David Hollod (Mayor’s Representative); Robert Hitchcock (Council Member); Municipal Attorney Eric Bernstein, Esq.; Dr. Marilyn Birnbaum (Schools Superintendent); Edward J. Ostroff; Joann Righetti (Citizen-At-Large); David DeRosa (Health Department representative); John C. Langenbach (media representative); James Rodino (Public Works representative); Angelo Costello; Dr. Harry Allen (SARA Title III (Hazardous Materials); Malcolm Plager (Red Cross, Director of Emergency Services); Elizabeth B. Dente (Emergency Animal Shelter); Dodie Sherwood (Secretary)

Plainfield Area Regional Sewerage Authority: James P. Freeman; William F. Crosby III (alternate) – Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at 200 Clay Avenue, Middlesex

Property Maintenance Committee: Janet A. Dalley (Chair); David J. Lepak; Barbara Miller; Tracy Peters; Councilman Michael Giordano (Council appointee); John C. Langenbach (Board of Adjustment appointee); Frank Righetti (Planning Board appointee).

Rent Stabilization Board: Leonard W. Lange (Chair, landlord); Dori N. Ellis (tenant); Allan B. Igo (homeowner); Robin Stabile (tenant); Bart Thomas (landlord); Mary Ann Climes (homeowner); Fred Tupkielewicz (tenant); two vacancies (both alternates); Barbara Habeeb (Council liaison).

Senior Citizen/Community Center Committee: Janet L. Apgar (Chair); Mabel “Skip” Hansen (general public); Rose McConnell (general public); Robert Hitchcock (Council member); Angela Magee (Senior Citizens Club representative); Vacancy (Parks & Recreation Commission representative); Dori N. Ellis (Girl Scouts representative)

Sewer Usage Board of Appeals: Borough Administrator David Hollod; Councilwoman Barbara Habeeb; Tom Fagan.

Shade Tree Advisory Board: Thalia Saloukas (Chair); Richard Benson; Frank N. D’Amore, Sr.; William E. Rathjen III; Bart Thomas; Robert Hitchcock (Council liaison).

Special Events Advisory Committee: Janeann M. Dickerson; Mabel “Skip” Hansen; Everett Merrill; James P. Freeman; Marie Kushnir; Fred Tupkielewicz; Alissa Giordano; Joseph Irovando; Frank “Skip” Stabile; Michael Giordano (Council liaison); Tina Totten (Mayor’s liaison).

Youth Services Commission: Janice Allen; Superintendent of Schools Marilyn Birnbaum; Police Chief William Parenti; Juvenile Officer Michael Innella; Councilman Douglas Singleterry; Thomas Allen and Edwin Estevez Jr. (School Board representatives appointed by School Board); Alejandro Kuga (Chair); Brenda Allen; Ruth DeBang; Eric Fowler; Michelle Ixim; Naomi Tate; Melissa Vonderheide; Mario Vargas; Joan L. Graham (school community representative, appointed by Mayor); Vacancy (school community representative, appointed by Mayor).

Somerset County Energy Team: David Hollod, Robert Hitchcock, James Rodino, Frank Stabile


North Plainfield Citizens for Community Rights – Co-Chair Frank D’Amore, Sr.

North Plainfield Latino Coalition – President Laly Espinosa Kuga

Democratic Club of North Plainfield (social only) – President Mike Giordano, VP Mary Forbes, Secretary Ruth Glicklich deBang, Treasurer Connie Hitchcock. Trustees Skip Stabile, Doug Singleterry, Bob Hitchcock.

Democratic Committee of North Plainfield – (nominates candidates) Chair Tom Fagan, Vice-Chair Janice Allen, Treasurer Constance Hitchcock, other members, by-laws, etc., unknown.

Republican Club – (social club and candidate selection organization) President Cate Carley, VP Communications Robert Gatto, Secretary Frank D’Amore Sr., Treasurer Harry Stoner, Executive Committee Jim McGarry, Sonia McNulty, Gary Lewis and Fred Jones. [8/30/08 – Info. needs to be updated. Officers have changed.]

2 responses to “Who’s Who?

  1. Non-partisan? Borough Council – Frank “Skip” Stabile (President), Michael Giordano, Frank Righetti, Robert Hitchcock, Douglas Singleterry, Mary Forbes, Jenny Flynn

    (Essentially a rubber-stamping committee.)

    Editor’s Note: This is also nonpartisan. It remains to be seen whether a Republican-dominated Council will have any more authority to rein in a runaway Republican Mayor, under the terms of the Faulkner Act, adopted by State Legislature, which established rules for municipal governments that essentially strip municipal officials of all meaningful authority and remove meaningful municipal checks and balances. Don’t believe me? Check out the provisions of the Optional Municipal Charter Law, especially Mayor-Council Form E, the one in use in NP.

    The difference may be that Republicans will move forward with the Self-Governance Ordinance, which directly challenges that usurpation of local power by asserting that the State can’t preempt or override local self-governance.

    There’s no guarantee that, if elected, a Republican Mayor and Council will move ahead with the Self-Governance Ordinance, and there’s no guarantee that if they do, the State won’t bear down with a huge amount of police force to put North Plainfielders back in their subservient place. The current Democrats, however, have made it absolutely clear that they are content with subservience to the State Legislature and the corporate directors who control the legislative process.

    It’s not partisan – the State doesn’t care whether the local officials are Democrats or Republicans, as long as they scrape and bow prettily enough.

  2. There is a replacement on the School board for Edwin estevez. It is Nancy Szaroleta.

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